You are a system solution company. And the German market is important to you.

It is my mandate to support your system solution business
in Germany.
Lutz Arnold

Samples of our services:

  • Research and evaluation of your specific German market
  • Development of the bespoke presence 
  • Contacting your target customers from inside Germany
  • Conception and organisation of your trade fair participation
  • Acquisition of technical projects and local sales partners.

You receive the following for your business development:

  • Competent on-site service on the German market
  • Your system solution for professional marketing
  • With the engineer’s system comprehension for your technology.


Familiar with the German market – present on the German market,
we build bridges for you:

With the all-round service: Concept and realisation.
Please, contact me with your intentions!

Phone: +49 (0)7728 97 941